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Not Yet Titled Unfinished Sailor Moon Fan Fic
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Not Yet Titled Unfinished Sailor Moon Fan Fic

I have like writers block on this story,and I can't figure out how to word out what Neflite would do in the story or how to continue,and any ideas would be helpful.  This is my very first Sailor Moon fan fiction story,my 2nd one isn't finished either but it's much longer,and I have writers block on it too,and it's a series one.
A Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Story
My 1rst one before A Sailor Moon Alternate Universe.  Untitled.
Disclaimers: Debbie is owned by me, and the other characters are owned by the creater of Sailor Moon.
One warm fall day 19 year old Debbie Robertson starts taking karate lessons from her friend Darrien Shields.
Darrien spends some extra time with her to help her learn karate.  She keeps losing her balance,and falling down when she does try to do karate.  She keeps on trying harder,and harder any way.  Maxfield Stanton who is Neflite decides to use that,and raise her to her maximum peak of energy.
    Since Neflite has done that she keeps on practicing all day,and night with out getting any sleep until her energy is at it's maximum peak when Neflite

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