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Foxxes Cove Rules
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Foxxes Cove Rules

Welcome to Foxxes Cove!

Whether you play video games, listen to music, create graphic art, or just like to chat, we’ve got a place for you. Thanks for joining, and again, welcome to the Cove!

Before posting, there are a few rules we’d like you to read. If you don’t follow them, you may be warned, have your posting suspended, or you may even be permanently banned. Just follow the rules, and you’ll be fine. If you ever feel confused about the rules, don’t hesitate to contact a Staff Member. They’ll be happy to help you out!

Here’s a quick rundown of the rules. Please, remember to follow them at all times.

Private Messaging

  • If any one PM's you about a website, then you PM an admin and we will deal with it. That is advertising and we don't allow advertising in anything but the website advertising forum. If you are caught advertising in any PM then you will be warned and you will not be allowed to PM anyone for a month.
  • If your caught twice then you will be banned from the site for good. This is your only Warning.
  • If anyone PM's you with porn or anything that is inappropriate then you PM an admin and we will deal with it. That will result in a ban.

User Names

User names- You may not change your username, an admin will have to go it for you. This is to prevent usernames that are offensive to others and make sure the admins know just how long it was before you change your names.

Board Rules

Swearing - Swearing is not allowed at Foxxes Cove. We’ve blocked many commonly-used words, and if you try to get around this you will receive a warning. For first offenders, any post or topic with cursing in it will be edited and they will be warned. For multiple offenders the post will most likely be removed and they will be warned. This rule is NOT open for discussion.

Flaming - Flaming is any insulting comment directed at another member or group. While some joking can be fun, when people get angry and start attacking each other, they will be punished. Debating another member is fine, but derogatory comments are not allowed and will be removed. Flaming or attacking the forum staff will not be accepted, if you have any criticism, please construct it in a helpful way and visit the Feedback section.
When you are unsure if a comment is an example flaming, ask yourself these questions:
If this comment were directed towards me would I find it offending?
Would ANYONE find this offensive?

Signatures - Please keep your signature as short as possible. Having several images or a large block of text will result in a verbal warning. If the person does not edit their signature, then the mod will completely remove the signature. Do not post any MP3s, HTML, or other code or media.

Spam - Spam can be one of many things:

- Posting the same message repeatedly
- Posting nonsense
- Going off the topic in a thread and not contributing to the discussion

Spam is not simply posting a lot. Spam is posting a lot without contributing anything and without a useful goal. If a moderator feels you are spamming, you will receive a verbal warning, and if you continue to make poor posts, you will receive warns/suspensions.

Illegal Material -

The following items are banned from the forum and anyone posting them will be warned.

- Pornography/Suggestive Content. This includes any lewd poses, erotic art or writing, overtly sexual images, cleavage, revealing garments, tight clothing, and so on.
- Anything regarding hacking/illegal downloading/cracking
- Racial/Hate Images, slurs, or phrases. This includes swastikas, burning crosses, or references to the KKK. Images of political parties or persons that advocate racism or hate crimes will be dealt with harshly.
- Impersonating a member of the staff or forum. This includes using staff tags as your avatar or in your signature.
- Drug/alcohol images or discussion
- Violence/gore/weapons or discussion
- Advertising for another competing website/forum outside of your signature
- Selling any cards/games/movies/music/other material

If any of these rules are broken, there are several ways a member will receive consequences. First and foremost, if a moderator sees spam, flaming, or swearing, he/she will PM the member and remind them about the rules, and then delete the offending post. This is so newer members who aren’t accustomed to the rules won’t get harshly punished for a minor infraction.
Five warns will result in the member being suspended from posting for a period of time. The member account might be banned from the forum, or in severe cases, the IP of the member might be banned to prevent other accounts.

If the staff finds content to be inappropriate, they have the right to remove it regardless of if it is mentioned here. (It will, however, be added afterwards in that case.)

To summarize:

First offense: Verbal warn
Second offense: minor suspensions
Further offenses: IP ban/suspensions

The Foxxes Cove Admins

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